Magno Bar Soap 125 g

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Arguably the most famous Spanish soap in the world because of its true black color and its unforgettable fragrance based upon patchouli and many other natural herbal fragrances. The soap of paradoxes:
1. Provides the amazing experience of using a black soap to generate mounds of pure white lather, because iron oxide in the mineral water used to make the soap slightly darkens the soap while leaving it in a crystalline state creating an illusion of total blackness, and
2. Envelopes you in a fragrance at once distinctive and universally appealing! Made using mineral salts from a famous natural spring, this lanolin and glycerin based soap was created in the 1920’s using salts and minerals (iron, iodine, and sulfur) for a therapeutic bath. Equally enjoyed by both men and women.

Although the soap is jet-black, it produces a dense white lather that foams in hard and soft water – even in seawater. (Made in Spain from the original ingredients, and according to the original formula.) Boxed 125 gr.


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