White Now Tripple Action whitening lotion 500ml and Oil 125 ml

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White Now Cream is highly enriched with vitamins E and fruits acids derived from carrots which remove all skin imperfections and impurities. The Whitening action is reinforced up to three times with the help of plant acids.

The effects of White Now are visible in 3 days. The complex formula of White Now hydrates and nourishes the skin, reduces blackheads, reduces skin aging effects and leaves the skin clear, full of beauty and in good health.

White Now super rapid fast action lightening body lotion for that fair skin, if you want to be white, this is for you. We will recommend a very good body wash, serum, face cream and body scrub to give you the celebrity skin you desire.

The White Now oil lightens your skin smoothly, evenly and glowing. clears spots and makes your skin wonderfully looking. You can mix into your cream for more triple effect. Great value for your money, undoubtedly one of the best oil out there.

Triple Action.

Beta Carotene.

Fruit Acids.

Plant Extract.

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